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  • 保护稀有动物英语作文

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    As we all know , animals are man's friends.Nowadays with the development of industry ,a lot of animals are in danger of extinction. We should protect animals so that we can live in a better environment .

    To protect them ,our government should forbid people to kill them , and for most of us ,we can plant more trees and call for protecting anmimal's habitats.

    Only if we protect animals well can we have a bright future!


    Everyone knows animals are our friends.

    So we should be friendly to them. But some people kill the rare animals, such as pandas, golden monkeys and so on in order to get money.

    It will cause these animals to disappear soon. I think our government should punish those people severely who kill the rare animals. It is our duty to protect the endangered animals.


    There are more and more endangered animals at present,so how to protect them has been our task of top priority .

    It's wrong for people to hunt animals for their meat and feather,for they are our good friends.

    We should protect them instead of killing them.Giant pandas,which are one of the endangered animals,live in the forests and live on bamboo lealves.

    They can just live safely in the natural protection zones.We should stop killing animal and protect them.


    Earth's biological diversity is being fast decline of many species facing extinction. Threat to the survival of wild animals and plants is a major factor in habitat loss, business development, and wild animals and plants and their products in international trade.

    Resources are limited, it is necessary for the endangered species, to propose specific measures of protection level.

    We can formulate the corresponding endangered species laws, application to establish nature reserves, endangered species breeding centers, means of conservation biology, endangered species, the implementation of in situ conservation and ex situ conservation.

    At the same time, we must restrict international trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, to make laws to protect endangered species.

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